Paradiso blu...

Dear Client

Nowadays more than ever, we feel to be obliged to protect our personal property against hard economic time and unstable international situation.

The tourists' investment area is on the way to become an absolute value, because, whatever happens, most of people allow themselves during a year one or two weeks for a holiday, preferably in their own country.

If You are so lucky to own a time-share in Your own country, We suggest to increase the value of Your property, cutting down the expenses and increasing the incomes, so that You turn Your investment into a fruitful good. By the way "CLUB PARADISO BLU" suggests You a new formula "FOUR FOUR".

What do you expect from your vacation?

Purchases ( Rents & Exchange ) Resales

In case You have an intention to purchase or definitively exchange our club is able to offer You a large choice of apartments and places, and apart from that, we are able to rent or exchange your property with other owners.

On the contrary, if You want to resell our group is in the position to offer You a web connection with clients who are interested in buying

Our clients office together with the web site are at your disposal to find out more about our services, to make a free valuation of Your time share and to have any information about the real estate area.

Our clients office is at Your disposal, for further information, every day (except Saturday and Sunday), from 10:00 alle 14:00